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Hey, So for anyone who is reading this. I have recenly switched my blogging site. It is now So go an follow that blog please becasue I would love it! I decide to make a new blog and start over becasue I’m more into fashion and blogger is just better for me becaseeu more people have it! so then they can follow me 🙂


Thanks guys!!!


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It’s finally the weekend! I thought this weekend would never come, but it did. Besides from my friend issue’s I’ve had a good time on my 1st week of high school.

So today I have like a ton of homework. Math, L.A, Social, and yeah 🙂

I’ll have to get started on my homework, finishing my music video, and hang out with my friend that I havant seen in a while that now goes to the school I wanted to go to!

Here are some pictures to describe my feelings right now!

I love the weekends!

Get out of my way losers, Nicole’s here!

I miss the summer and traveling, next stop New York?

I just wanna sit in my bed and dream…

I love painting my nails, I feel like painting them like this, only if I were that skilled to do it by hand… :p

Dream away my little dumplings,


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1st Day of High School

Today was intense. Not a bad thing but not a good thing, you know what I mean? So what happened today was that my friends picked me up and we went to school. We got into our advisory classes and then got our schedule’s! So then we started our classes. Basically in each class we just did introductions.

In my 1st class we learnt everyone’s name by tossing a(n) chicken(s) around to each other. It was like chicken’s gone wild!!! Then that same teacher gave a kid a box of mini Smarties for $1 and then gave her $4 for a big bag of Smarties. She was talking about motivation. She actually took the money and kept it! Crazy eh? Haha.

Any ways, I have only 1 freind in my classes because there is only 7 girls in the class and the other girls have been bff’s for forever! So I’m stick with this one girl and this other girl. Haha…eehhhh.

My outfit was so ah-mazing though. Everyone was wearing ugly stuff. I though I had the best outfit! In my class anyways. A picture of it will be posted below.

Well, I hope tomorrow will be better! But so far I have only 2 complaint’s so that’s good. Usually I have 1000!

(I had on a white Zara cardigan at school, but then it got hot when I got back home.)



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Well I’m ready for my freshmen year! I think. Today I played with my bff and what we planned on doing was for our binders we will get a accordion folder/file for each of my main subjects. Then I will have one big one for homework. In each folder will have my text book, 1inch. binder for assignments/handouts, and a coiled notebook (a new one for each chapter/unit). I’m not 100% sure that’s my plan because my school said that on the 1st day back we will hear from out teachers exactly what we will need. So yeah… 😛

Bye for now because it’s dinner.



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A box with 3

So today a UPS truck came and dropped this box at our house. I had ordered 3 things from A&F and they have finally arrived! So I took some pictures as I opened up the box of 3 jackets/sweaters. I’m so happy with them, and this was the first time we had actually agreed to buy something online. So here are the pictures!






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A Haul

Today we went shopping and this is the stuff that I got. I am not trying to brag about what I got. This haul is mostly for school. Enjoy…

The CLINIQUE 3 step skin care system.
Sephora lipgloss, facial sponges, Fresh mascara, and a purple nail file.
Forever XXI sunglasses and ring.
Zara cardigan, ruffled shirt, and denim shorts.
Hollister hot pink bando bathing suite.
Hollister red floral dress.
Aeropostale shirts and shorts.
Calgon body mist in passion fruit & brazil nut and Clean & Clear oil-absorbing sheets (blotting paper).
I hope you enjoyed this random haul, that I decided to share on my blog!
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My adventures

Hello, I’m Nicole. If you know me, then you probably know what to expect in this blog-a little of everything. Some fun, a few adventures, fashion advice, hauls, and lots of pictures. And be sure to check out or follow my blog for regular updates on what I’ve been up to. Life moves pretty fast. This blog should keep you up to speed on mine. Thanks for visiting!

I hope you will enjoy looking at my blog and choose to visit often!



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